To The Roots Coffee Roasters



Coffee has an incredible story, and we tell it through every cup.

Here at To The Roots, coffee is our passion. We responsibly source our beans from around the world, creating relationships with farmers and cooperatives. These relationships ensure quality and viability of both the micro-lot specialty coffees we roast and for the communities who grow them. We artisan roast our beans in small batches, bringing out the best characteristics in each of our coffees. Our passion comes through in every cup.


Small Batch

We roast all of our coffees in small batches daily to maintain our specific quality standards, batch consistency, and of course, freshness. The more days we spend in front of our drum roaster, the fresher the coffee is for you. For production we roast on an American-made 12 kilo San Franciscan Roaster (SF-25), as well as a 2 kilo ambex for high dollar coffees.

Responsibly Sourced

We strive to offer the highest quality, sustainable, and socio-economically uplifting green coffees directly from individual farmers, cooperatives, and a handful of importers. We follow the global picking seasons, importing only the freshest coffee coming out of producing countries. The importers, holding warehouses, and freight companies we partner with are all tied together with the common goal of reducing the food miles our coffees have to travel after reaching the United States.

Artisan Roasted

Our definition of artisan roasted goes beyond roasting in small batch drum roasters. We roast countless samples to discern and select quality coffees for our offering list. Then we carefully develop a profile for each coffee by roasting on our one pound San Franciscan roaster (SF-1), meticulously adjusting each variable until the coffee is best represented. Once we have captured the best representation of the coffee, our roast master directly translates those roasting techniques to our SF-25 production roaster. We cup our coffees every morning to check and maintain our quality standards.

Roaster and Founder of TTR, Nathan Palmer has been in the coffee business since he was a toddler. Raised on a small coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii, Nathan started his journey into the world of coffee before he could walk or talk. His family moved to Oregon in the early 90’s and started a roastery and coffee shop in his mother’s home town. There, he learned the ins and outs of the retail, wholesale, and agricultural aspects of the specialty coffee business through working in the cafe, roastery, and traveling to producing countries.

Nathan has continued his journey by being actively involved in the coffee industry for the past 15 years where he has developed a passion for roasting, and sourcing specialty coffees. After achieving his Q grader certification as one of the youngest people in America at the time, he used his skill to search for wonderful and unique coffees, and to learn more about them. He wanted to share these amazing flavors and experiences of the coffee story with his hometown, so in 2011, he bought his first commercial roaster, and set up shop in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Travis Powers started working full time with To The Roots in December, 2016. He spearheads the Financial & Management Solutions aspects of the business. He and his wife Elizabeth moved to Forest Grove in the late summer of 2013 from the Chicago area. He earned a B.S. in Economics & his M.A. in Political Theory from Olivet Nazarene University, as well as his M.B.A. from Oregon State University.